Aida, dance shoes

November 29.10.2016 for the first time at the profesional World Championship 2016 WDC 9 pairs from 12 of semifinal and 5 pairs from 6 of final danced in AIDA shoes.

Liubov Kotlyarova
and Vladimir

Directors and owners of the company «AIDA»,
a professional dancer
until 1997

About company

The history of "Aida" began in 1993, when professional dancers Liubov and Vladimir Kotlyarov, and now, the heads of "Aida", decided to provide with dance shoes for dance group of students, which they led. Having been refused a few shoe manufactory, they decided to create their own shoe production in Moscow, which would make specialized in footwear for dance.

Good communication with the dancers allowed to quickly improve the technology process. Among the dancers with whom we have started to work were the best dancers and Russian champions. One of the most famous of them is Viktor Nikovsky, a multiple champion of Russia and the most demanded coach now. We were able very quickly to organize the production of footwear of the highest quality, which in 1998 praised the legendary dancer Allan Tornsberg. It was created Allan Trnsberg heel, most popular now and started our cooperation with this great dancer, which continues to this day. Since that time, we began to get known throughout the world.

Here is a list of the most famous dancers, working with that, we have perfected the best shoes in the world, among them outstanding dancers, World Champions and finalists of the world championships in various dance programs:

Allan Tornsberg, Viktor Nikovsky, Karina Smirnoff, Dmitry Timokhin, Franco Formika, Sergey Riupin, Elena Khvorova, Alexey Silde, Anna Firstova, Andrey Zaitsev, Anna Kusminskaja, Zoran Plohl, Martino Zanibelato, Michelle Abilgtrip, Mirko Gozzoli, Edita Danute, Fabio Selmi, Sergey Surkov, Maurizio Vescovo, Andra Vaidilaite, Stefano Di Filippo, Dasha Chesnokova, Eugeny Smagin, Polina Kazachenko, Morten Lowe, Roselina Doneva, Marat Gimaev, Alina Basiouk, Nikita Brovko, Olga Urumova, Diego Arias, Ekaterina Ermolina, Dorin Friecatau, Marina Sergeeva, Kirill Belorukov, Polina Telesheva, Alexey Glukhov, Anastasia Glasunova, Klemen Prasnikar, Alexandra Averkieva, Armen Tsaturian, Svetlana Gudyno, Yuri Simachev, Anastasia Klokotova

Thanks to the cooperation with some of these dancers we managed to create a very popular model of dance shoes: KARINA 070, 135 SURKOV, 119 MIRKO, FABIO 118, 138 STEFANO, 136 SMAGIN, 080 ANDRA. We also created a shoe that provide maximum comfort for the various types of feet: TIMOKHIN, MARTINO, ANNA, STEFANO, EDITA.

Dancers find our shoes the best in the World: As a confirmation of this fact - in the 2016 World Championships of professionals 9 pairs in the semi-finals and finals in 5 couples danced in Aida shoes!

Our company is a trendsetter and technological ideas in dance shoes in the world. For example, the model 080 ANDRA, was established in 2003 and is now all the companies in the world and believe it copied novelty. Many companies try to copy our model, and heels, but still get the quality of shoes near them does not work, because we have created the technological culture and shoes made by hand of the highest level masters, there is no competition on the conveyor shoe industries.

Thank you to all the dancers for their confidence in our company, which we will try to justify in the future, continuously improved in the manufacture of dance shoes!