Aida, dance shoes

After several years of working together with Aida Dance we were able to create the most comfortable and elegant pair of dance shoes that we ever wore! It is our preferred choice. We recommend the men’s standard model 119 MIRKO, which has a very classic look, highlights the foot work, soft and very light. For women we also recommend the new ballroom pair made on a new last called "Edita". It is very comfortable.

Useful tips from Svetlana Gudyno

I do a lot of dance shoes Aida! Very grateful that it exists!

Shoes Aida beautiful, aesthetic and very comfortable. At the same time for You, I have a few tips, which You can track yourself.

When we have his love affair, it brings us spiritual satisfaction. But, as the saying goes: "from little things things are going". Therefore, some things (items) can disrupt Your mental balance.

Today for You I would like to focus on taking care of dance shoes. And share with You several tips.

When we begin to dance in new shoes are often uncomfortable often turns out to be inconvenient such a trifle as the strap.

First. Very often the Shoe rubs us the foot in the ground strap to the heel part of the shoes. Use the patch "compeed". Namely, the pencil, which can be treated shoes a little fixing strap. Shoes become more comfortable, and You can more attention to devote to dance.

The second piece of advice. We want shoes served us a little longer time. (Personally, I have every pair of shoes is a favorite). Often the first to wear out, the strap, namely, it loosened in place holes for a lock, where we zippered. For this the selected mounting location can handle the super glue. It will be quite noticeable, and serve You dance shoes will be much longer!

All a wonderful day! And perfect enjoyment of the dance on the floor! All good mood! SvetlanaGudyno

As I am always Aida footwear in perfect balance and feel the absolute freedom of the foot.